Miss Birch always expected the men under her to be immaculately turned out. Preferably with well fitting  trousers so she and the other female directors could admire the view. Gary Saunders had made the mistake of turning up for work in a crumpled shirt and trousers covered in lint.  she had decided that a close encounter with a 'clothes brush' would do him the world of good! And oh yes she had been dying to try out her new 'wooden paddle' it looked like it could be particularly fierce.      

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Gary had only been at the firm 3 weeks, had heard the rumors and dismissed them as an impossibility in this day and age. He had gone merrily on his way thinking things would be very 'cushy' with a load of women running the company after all they probably spent a lot of their time doing their hair and exchanging make-up tips!  He couldn't help admiring Miss Birch from a distance and was very excited by the fact she always seemed to wear stockings. And maybe he imaged it but she seemed to make a point of crossing her legs and exposing a tantalising glimpse of thigh. Now she had summoned him for a meeting in her office. He couldn't help but feel a little nervous it must be something to do with the cool confident  looks she always gave him.

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 He sat opposite her trembling slightly as she lay down the law on his performance so far with the company. She was obviously very displeased and informed him that it was apparent that he had not studied the small print in his contract. And if he had made the time to do so maybe he would have made more effort with his appearance. He had been so impressed with the large salary, this was his first job since leaving University and he couldn't believe his luck. So no! he had just signed on the dotted line. God! and now he was going to be sacked and he had just got out a loan for a new car.

 Miss Birch then went on to give him an alternative! A well punished bottom! So the rumours were true! and as she showed him the implements she intended to use they looked pretty scary but to his surprise the thought of being over her knee gave him an erection.

 So not entirely against the idea then! She stared blatantly at the bulge in his trousers and he blushed very embarrassed, feeling like a silly little boy. He had had a couple of girlfriends at university, but was not that experienced with women. God! he felt so horny.

 Before he knew what was happening  he had allowed her to lower his trousers and pants. Her cool hands squeezed his hard cock. Mmm! very nice you are a rather gifted boy aren't you. Still embarrassed he smiled at her nervously but was glad that she was pleased. Right! enough trying to distract me over my knee!

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A through spanking was administered to his bare bottom and it reddened quickly under her hand. She reached over picked up the wooden paddle showed it to him. Then smiling  proceeded to whack his bare behind firmly with it. His bottom was burning Oww Oww but his cock was harder then ever oh! the humiliation of it. 

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She ordered him to get up and strip which he obediently did, his face burning with embarrassment. He was now naked hands on head in front of her. The situation made more humiliating by the fact that she was fully clothed and obviously enjoying his shyness.  He obediently knelt up on her office chair and waited. The clothes brush was shown to him and it's 'usual' use outlined he assured her he would make use of one in the future and that his appearance would be pleasing to her from now on. Yes! I'm sure it will she smiled!

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Oww! Oww! OWW! QUIET do you want your fellow workmates to hear you. It would be very awkward for you when you go back to your desk that's assuming you won't be working on your feet for the rest of the day! She smiled really enjoying herself now excited by the heat radiating from his buttocks and his frantic wriggling. Only when she was completely satisfied did she tell him to stand and face her.

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 His erection fascinated her,  She decided  it was in need of a little 'treatment'  It's good the other side of a clothes brush can be of use too! She ran the stiff bristles across his erect cock and watched his face intently amused by his suffering. Then 'rapped' it a couple of times with the back. He jumped but it stayed rock hard, she smiled knowingly this would not be the last visit to her office by this particular employee......  

Story by Nina Birch

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