An Appointment with Miss

I arrived for my appointment in good time the text message that I had received from her the week before warned me not to be late or else and I knew what or else meant!!! I paced up and down outside I didn�t want to be too early either as I knew that it would annoy her if she was not perfectly made up and ready for me. I was getting some strange looks from passers by or was it my imagination? Could they possibly know what I was there for? A grown man acting like a nervous schoolboy .It was quite cold  but I knew that soon I would be warmed up or at least a certain part of my anatomy would be!!

Finally it was the appointed time I checked my watch for the final time and nervously rang the bell. I was summoned to enter and there she stood  at the door Miss Nina Birch. Impeccably made up her long blonde hair swept back into a bun and immaculate in white blouse that clung to the contours of her pert breasts and black pencil style tight knee length skirt and high stiletto heels. She looked as always every naughty schoolboys dream Headmistress.  

What was I in for today a  sound spanking on my bare bottom whilst I wriggle around across her lap (very humiliating) or would it be 6 of the best with the cane whilst I touched  my toes in traditional schoolboy pose. I looked into those beautiful blue eyes and I knew It would be the cane. It was always the cane!! And I loved it! 

I have to confess that I am a very naughty schoolboy and have been disciplined by other school mistresses in the past but Miss Birch is really perfect for me. She is  cool, calm and with an air of authority that means that she is always totally in control and it is the control aspect that I really enjoy. The scenarios that we play are realistic but also great fun my limits are always respected but stretched which is what I enjoy. We always take time beforehand to discuss the scene and from the first time I met her I have always felt totally comfortable with her. As a switch herself unlike a lot of doms she understands what it is like to be a sub. Although the time inevitably goes too quickly I have never felt rushed or hurried.  

During the many enjoyable sessions that we have spent together over the past couple of years or so I have been hand spanked, paddled, slippered, tawsed, birched and caned.

It is the cane that I really dread and but also enjoy the most. Let me tell you that Miss is a real expert with the cane very accurate and can go from mild strokes with a junior cane that will leave red marks that will soon disappear to a hard caning with a senior cane that will leave raised welts  and marks that will last for a week.  

For me there is nothing in the world like being told to take my shorts and pants down whilst Miss stands before me flexing the dragon cane and fixing me a steely stare with those cold blue eyes that means big trouble!

I change into my school uniform and nervously knock on her study door . I am told to enter and once again I disappear into the fantasy world of schoolboy Peter.............


An Afternoon with Nina Birch

Having had an interest in CP for some while, but not having found a satisfactory partner, I chanced upon Nina Birch's website and thought  she sounded worth a try. From the first meeting I knew my search was over.
I now look forward to every session with feelings which are a mixture of trepidation and excitement. What will today's punishments be, and how much severer than last time! A typical session sees me in my school uniform in the headmistress's study, waiting for her to sweep imperiously through the door, dressed severely in black, and looking immediately to find fault with my appearance, resulting initially in my going over her knee with my shorts and pants around my ankles for a bare-bottomed spanking That of course is only the beginning, as she then lists my misdemeanors since my last visit to her study, and if I protest my innocence-which I always do-the punishments are doubled! Now I will be made to strip completely except for my socks and shoes and made to bend over the desk or be strapped to a bench so that I can't wriggle too much. Sometimes to complete my humiliation the head girl will arrive in the study and be asked by the headmistress to share the disciplinary duties! Punishment usually starts with a variety of whips, paddles straps and tawses, leading to a thrashing with the birch, by which time my bottom is glowing red-hot, and it only remains for the headmistress to select a cane, seemingly longer and thicker than on any previous visit to her study! A few practice swishes through the air make me feel sick with nerves, and then the final flogging commences, any miscounting of the strokes resulting in her starting from the beginning again! ! have to grit my teeth to take the last six which are always especially severe, and finally with my bottom seemingly on fire, my ordeal is over. If I have taken my punishment well, and Nina is in a mellow mood, I am sometimes permitted a measure of revenge, and, when not being a dominatrix, she is an extremely attractive young lady who presents a delightful target.
There are plenty of other scenarios which we both enjoy, and Nina, like Cleopatra, is a woman of infinite variety, so every session has it's special delights. I can't finish without mentioning that, although I have a safe word to use in case the punishment becomes too intense to tolerate, I have never used it, for Nina seems instinctively to know my limits--the ultimate tribute to her amazing skills. Roll on the next session!