Role Play Scenarios that I enjoy:
Sexy nurse blackmailed for groping patients
Adult School Girl reports to the Headmaster
Shoplifter caught by Store Detective pays the price
Secretary chastised by Boss for poor work
Unfaithful Housewife blackmailed by nosey neighbor
Victorian maid sent to the master for unsatisfactory work
Waitress dealt with by her boss for flirting with the customers
Spoilt rich bitch gets taken down a peg or two
Girlfriend in trouble for crashing the car/running up debts
Employee lies on her CV and pays the price to keep her job
Unlucky at the casino, pays off debt to the manager in 'another way' 
Lazy Slave girl summoned and punished by her master
Tennis lessons! taken in hand by the coach for cheekiness
Lingerie model shows off and gets 'firmly' put in her place
Strict Headmistress/Head girl punishes naughty Adult Schoolboy
Lady Boss deals with male member of staff for unsatisfactory work
Dominant wife/girlfriend shows her partner exactly what she expects and punishes him for transgressions
Lady of the manor very displeased, deals harshly with the butler
Matron catches adult boy up to mischief and deals with him accordingly
Sadistic prison officer puts inmate through their paces for her amusement
Housewife threatens to report tradesman for sloppy work, he must 'comply' to save his job
Female officer needs information and  interrogates suspected spy
Policewoman questions suspect who needs special ' help' cooperating
Military police officer deals with troublemakers in her own special way 
Auntie teaches nephew a lesson after catching him up to no good
Mistress punishes and uses her slave for her amusement and pleasure
I also enjoy switching round the roles halfway through the session so that I can get my revenge. Often it works well if this can be incorporated into the story, where I can somehow make my punisher suffer or I will expose them.
I particularly love to so sessions with women as either the dominant or submissive partner and so am happy to do sessions with couples. 
I am also very happy to see novices who would like to experience the Dominant role. And would be pleased to advise on  implements, and the best ways to warm a ladies bottom.    
School Uniforms - Smart Suits - Victorian split knickers
Nurse's Uniform - Army Parade Dress - Policewoman uniform - Military police uniform
Riding outfit - Lingerie & Corsets - Rubber, PVC & Leather - Boots and Shoes
 Punishment  Bench - St. Andrews Cross - Punishment stool - School desk
An Excellent selection of Canes & Birches
Straps, Paddles, Crops & Whips

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