It was that time again he knew how much it turned Nina on giving him a good hard spanking. The sight of his buttocks glowing and hot, got her hot and he loved it.  

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She always found an excuse to control and punish him. This time he had forgotten to pick up her favorite dress from the dry cleaners on his way home. After removing her skirt and high heels, she called him up to the bedroom. He stood obediently as she undressed him, chastising him and reminding him if he had not been so forgetful then he would not be in this predicament, he felt like a naughty boy! she looked him in the eye and yanked down his pants with a flourish. 

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Now naked in front of her she pulled him face down onto the bed and proceeded to thoroughly spank his bare bottom. He yelped and wriggled, it fueled  her excitement and made the slaps fall harder. She quickly sat across his back to keep him still. He could feel her stockings against his skin and the dampness through her panties

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He struggled trying not to get aroused he knew there would be further punishments if he did so without her permission. Laughing she ordered him onto all fours, knees apart so she could tease and torment him during the punishment. He felt very exposed as she spanked away, then drew in his breath sharply as she produced the paddle from the bedside cabinet.

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You don't expect me to make my hand sore do you darling?  Just think yourself lucky it's not the CANE this time! 

He quivered at the mere mention of the cane remembering the full set of stripes he had previously received. The marks had only just faded!  He quickly apologised again and offered his bottom up to her. She smiled and proceeded to lay the paddle across his buttocks fast and hard in various humiliating positions until she was absolutely satisfied. There now I feel so much better for that, holding him close and clasping her hands across his burning cheeks!

Now I need total satisfaction! She walked over to the wardrobe and opened the door. And just in case I think you are not working hard enough! She placed the cane nearby where he could see it........ 

Short story by Nina Birch

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