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Ms Nina Birch was a tough manager to work for. She demanded total commitment and effort from her all male sales team. She looked at Peter Smith�s figures. They were not good enough� he needed a little motivation and she knew just exactly how to give it to him!

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She called him into her office and as he stood meekly before her she gave him a good dressing down.  She let him know exactly what she thought of his performance.  She was in charge and he just had to stand there and take it.  She would have no argument. �Get out of my office, you�re sacked!� She barked at him.  She could see by the crestfallen expression on his face how shocked and upset he was. For a moment she thought he was going to burst into tears.  She loved every second of this revelling in her power over him.

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He pleaded with her not to sack him. If only she would give him another chance. �Please! - I need this job�. She looked at him coolly with those steely green eyes.  She had absolutely no intentions of letting him go, he was too much fun to toy with. �Very well� she told him �you may stay for the moment but you will be severely punished for your laziness, get your trousers down, we�ll start with a good spanking�.  Peter found himself across his beautiful but very strict boss�s knee having his bottom soundly spanked like a naughty little boy.  How humiliating.

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She soon tired of spanking him on his underpants and firmly taking hold of the waistband, jerked them down to expose his bare bottom which was beginning to turn pink and was soon to become a deep crimson red. Smack! Smack! Smack! She continued spanking him.  Peter was feeling very embarrassed as he lay there whilst this determined and very capable young woman proceeded to give him the spanking of a lifetime ow! ow! ow!

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After a while Ms Birch rested from her exertions.  Her hand was stinging nearly as much as Peter�s bottom and that wouldn�t do.  She ordered him to kneel up on the desk with his head down and his bare backside thrust into the air. Time for the next stage of his punishment- the slipper. He just had to kneel there and take it as his boss got to work. Covering every inch of his cheeks. Each stinging smack reminded him exactly who was in charge.  As if it wasn�t humiliating enough she decided to make him strip off and lay flat on his back on the desk with his legs in the air in the classic �diaper position� and she once again slammed the slipper down on his bare bottom which by now was glowing a lovely shade of red.

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Just when he thought that his ordeal was over Ms Birch produced �the Cane� It was time for the final stage of his punishments� she pushed him over her desk, his crimson bare bottom presented for a good hard caning.  Swish! Thwack! Ow! Swish! Thwack! Ow!  Ms Birch was well practised in the art of caning �naughty boys� and again and again she brought that cane down using all her strength and expertise. A dozen hard strokes of the cane left Peters bottom with neat red stripes where the cane had left its calling card.  He would certainly remember his punishment every time he sat down! But would he be looking for another job? 

Ms Birch grabbed him by the tie and explained that this is how he would now be punished for every future infraction. She looked him in the eye and pushed her shoe into his swelling groin and said that unless he wanted to suffer even more, he had better learn that she was a very hard woman to please but if he tried hard enough........ 

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