No! No! No!  It just won't do. If you think I'm going to except these sales figures you are VERY much mistaken. Obviously you are in need of some 'Motivational Treatment' again... But this time I'm going to punish you in front of my secretary then she will know just how to deal with you when I'm away on business. He stared back at her meekly, she knew he wouldn't try to argue this time. He had too much to lose he was up for promotion.

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Are you ready Miss Stevens? Good make yourself comfortable on the couch and enjoy the show. I'll show you the correct and through way to deal with the men around here. Especially the ones who think they can sit about the office drinking coffee. You! stand up lets have these trousers and pants down and get started I haven't not got all day. Oh! No! please Miss Birch not in front of your secretary.. Quiet! the added humiliation might help to get the message across this time. He had to stand there with his hands on his head whilst she swiftly pulled down his lower garments. He could feel his face burning they both had full view of his genitals. He felt almost grateful to lay across her lap at least that part of him was now covered. Horrified he realised Miss Stevens had positioned herself directly behind him to watch the proceedings. And as his legs had been pushed apart she had a clear view of his balls and bum hole. He lowered his head to the floor utterly humiliated and this was just the beginning..... 

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After a long hand spanking in which both ladies had enjoyed the view immensely, he was stood up and examined and made to walk over and show Miss Stevens the results so far. She was quite excited, and couldn't help brushing her fingers against his cock. Miss Birch looked on in amusement. Yes! Miss Stevens just help yourself, We can do just whatever we want with him...

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He just had to stand there and be groped up like an object and hope she would be happy. He was desperately trying not to get aroused. The situation made worse by a blatant glimpse of stocking top. They both laughed they knew exactly what they were doing. He squirmed and tried to think about something else. He was then told to stand  in the corner like a naughty boy whilst they fingered the implements. Miss Birch was explaining how best they should be used to get the required result. Various positions were then demonstrated, he honestly felt like a piece of meat. Then the leather paddle firmly laid on until his bottom glowed. Standing he tried to apologise... she cut him dead. Face the Desk! 

Now to my favourite! she swished the cane through the air behind him he jumped, he remembered too well it's bite. He had the agony of waiting as she careful demonstrated the area the tip of the cane should land. Miss Stevens watched intently then sat back to watch the finale. Twelve hard strokes were administered each one landing with a Thwack! followed by a yelp or whimper. He kept his position knowing from experience if he made too much fuss she would start again. Thank god it was over, the marks were examined then he was told to dress. He could feel his bottom burning through his trousers.    

Now "get back to your desk" and make some calls your arse is on the line 'Literally' Oh and tell Simmons as you walk past his desk, I need to 'discuss' something with him right now. The women smiled at each other, ticked off his name on the list and looked forward to the rest of the afternoon....

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Story by Nina Birch

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