Mr Clark couldn't believe his eyes. He had only had Birch in his office last week for a strong talking to about her sloppy uniform. And here she was being sent to him again for wearing the most offensive pair of shoes he had ever seen. How can you possibly walk in those? After her pathetic excuses and more than a  few harsh words from him he decided he just was not getting through to her at all, serious action needed to be taken! (yet again)

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 Right I've had just about enough of you over my knee Girl! And protesting over she went. She was so humiliated being spanked across his lap but Oh No! not my panties down sir please. Quiet young lady you have had this coming for a long time, I'm going to deal with you thoroughly this afternoon and no mistake! Smack!  Smack!  Smack! her feet (still wearing the offending shoes) kicked up and he spanked her all the harder for not keeping still.

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Her bottom was already smarting when he told her to stand. He then proceeded to pick up the ruler from his desk she couldn't believe it surely he wasn't going to use it across her bare buttocks. But use it he did and it stung deep into her bottom flesh Ouch! Ouch! and worse still he then reached for his even harder slipper Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Bent over his desk with her panties around her knees, she could only stick out her bottom and wait for the flurry to end.

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Finally he stood in front of her and flexed the cane meaningfully, she knew then he meant business. She quivered and imagined what it was going to feel like landing swiftly across her buttocks. I promise my uniform will be immaculate in future sir! Yes I'm sure it will. Across the bench girl and get that bottom high in the air for me.

 Six of the very best count them clearly Swish  Thwack! Owww  One thank you sir as her buttocks wriggled trying to dispel the searing line of pain. Swish Thwack Owww! Two thank you sir it was agony but she knew better than to put her hand back as the stroke would go uncounted. Her knuckles whitened as she gripped the edge of the bench and braced herself for the strokes that followed....

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 Standing sore and humiliated with her pants down, she knew her uniform would be immaculate tomorrow and maybe for a few days after that. But next week.... she smiled to herself and relished the heat.

story by Nina Birch

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