Miss Nina Birch sat impatiently at her desk, where the hell was that report that silly young secretary of hers was supposed to have handed her three hours ago. She wanted to get home everyone else had left already.  That very moment there was a tentative tap at the door� come in.

Ah! There you are at last, just how long does it take to type out one little report. Or were you busy chatting on the phone? Oh no Miss Birch her eyes widened. I did it as quickly as I could it�s just the phone rings a lot and�. QUIET do you really think I am interested in listening to your pathetic excuses.

  The girl could not help glancing at Nina�s face as she skimmed through the report. She was terrified, but why did her power over her excite her too, she frowned confused.

   Just look.. three mistakes in the first two paragraphs. That�s it clear your desk! Please Miss Birch it won�t take me a minute to make the corrections and I�ll bring it straight back... Enough! you have had all the chances I�m prepared to give you.  The girls lip trembled; I�ll do anything to make it up to you. Miss Birch smiled smugly, and looked into her sweet innocent face. She reminded her of Rachel a previous secretary who had left the year before for a fabulous job in New York . They had whiled away a good few evenings indulging themselves in their mutual interest... corporal punishment.  Rachel had loved to be spanked and she had found she relished obliging her. She still had 'their' leather strap in the bottom drawer, She sighed! Looked straight into the girls eyes, then smiled widely.  Ok young lady if you really want to keep your job there is just ONE option open to you......

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The girl stood rubbed her hot bottom and smiled shyly at her, she knew this was just the beginning...

Short story by Nina Birch

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