I  have put together a video containing two of my favorite spanking fantasies. In the first,  STRICT HEADMISTRESS, my fate rests in the hands of an exacting head who reprimands and thrashes me. (She also finishes by taking advantage of my contrition!) The second, PA PUNISHED, is another long held fantasy of working in an office and being severely spanked and paddled by my boss. The action is real and heavy and the tape lasts over one and a quarter hours




A deep fantasy of mine a challenge and a trick and the story unfolds: Two very ambitious young ladies, we are office juniors and friends but are also very competitive. Both determined to land a dream job in New York . We are prepared to do �whatever it takes� and are also well aware of the boss�s �special� interests. Yes a �prize� is involved; also a lesson is to be learned. It�s the ultimate �double cross� more than one job is on offer unbeknown to us. We eagerly submit to numerous physical challenges that are not without saucy interludes. Escalating towards the ultimate challenge our submission to the cane. Just how much do we want that job?  Yes! We are prepared to go all the way. A heavy caning ensues which pushes us to our limits and leaves us with roasting hot welted bottoms

What an interview�

My adrenalin was rushing, and the caning not my favorite sensation but was something I wanted to do and had prepared myself for it was the most intense of my life, something I won�t forget.  

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This is a tale of everyday dealings in my own personal study. It�s been a busy time and a certain errant adult schoolboy and adult schoolgirl seem to be regular visitors. Determined to set them on the right path, I find it necessary to carry out good helpings of OTK, hand punishments and humiliation.  In order to help them mend their ways I decide a good dose of the cane needs to be laid on. I am extremely pleased by the punishments I have carried out and the view of their extremely red bottoms. Having sent the girl back to class and alone with the strapping 6th former, I find myself softening a little and allow myself to be spanked�.

Yes it all started so well but as a true switch oh dear! I ended up across my own desk having my posterior warmed.

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 The Headmistress has had enough bickering between her head girl and head boy. She makes it very clear she will not tolerate their behavior towards each other any more. Unfortunately for him she finds the head boy mostly responsible for the situation. Needing to go to an important meeting and after a thorough uniform inspection, to his alarm leaves him in Nina's capable hands. He has no choice but to except the punishment which Nina dishes out with glee! When the headmistress returns she informs them that on reflection she has decided Nina is equally to blame. Nina protests as she informs her that she has to return to the meeting and will be giving the head boy the opportunity to get his revenge. He does so very pleased with the chance to get his hands on her bottom. He puts Nina through a blistering punishment session with various implements, which leaves her poor bottom and legs heavily marked. The headmistress returns And lines them up over her desk to inspect their bottoms. She is then furious to discover that they have not in fact caned each other! as there are no stripes visible. Angry at them both she takes a cane to their bare bottoms and finishes the job!

 My bottom, back of my legs and hands were stinging all over! 


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