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Give Ms Nina Birch a sound spanking from the comfort of your chair using only your PC mouse

YOU are the Governor of Highgrove Academy. 
Nina Birch, one of the Academy young ladies sneaked out during lunch break to smoke a cigarette. Caught by a member of staff she has been brought to your office.   

Smoking is against the rules and a disgusting habit. Plus being seen at the gates of the Academy brings your good name and reputation into disrepute. According to her file she already has a bad record of disruptive behaviour. 
As Governor YOU must decide how this young lady should be reprimanded. Below are the sanctioned punishments of the Highgrove Academy.   
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Make your choice and then click below to choose her fate, then see & hear her thoroughly chastised
1.  Corner Time
a. Stand facing the wall hands on head
b. Stand facing the wall in front of the class with her panties down showing her bare bottom to add to her humiliation
2.  The Tawse
a. Six hard straps across her hand with the hard tawse
b. Six hard straps across her panties with the hard tawse
c. Six hard straps across her bare bottom with the hard tawse
3.  Detention or Lines
a. Sent to detention every day after school for a week
b. Made to write 1000 lines in detention
c. Made to write 100 lines in front of class to add to her humiliation
4.  A Spanking
a. Spanked over the knee on her panties
b. Spanked over the knee on her bare bottom
c. Spanked over the knee very severely for a long time
5.  Extra P.E.
Sent to the gym master to be thoroughly put through her paces
6. The Cane
a. Six strokes of the cane on her panties
b. Six strokes of the cane on her bare bottom
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