Year 2000


When were you first spanked?

A boyfriend first spanked me. He flung me over and gave me a long hand spanking because I was being in his words - �pesky�! This progressed into him using the crop on my bottom whilst I was made to touch my toes and count each stroke. My first experience was a shock but I�ve always been very passive sexually and so loved how submissive it made me feel. I particularly liked the way he had to physically take me in hand -excuse the pun. My interest in spanking just seemed to be a natural progression from there.  

What part of CP do you enjoy best?

Probably the role-play aspect playing out stories where I end up being punished. One of the best parts about acting out a scenario is that I have to wear the right costume. I like to dress as authentic and as smart as possible. I have an elaborate and large wardrobe  including different academy/school uniforms, smart office suits and full military uniforms. I particularly like to wear a short pleated skirt which is easily flipped up or a tight fitting knee-length skirt with its tight material stretched across my bottom. 

The anticipation is also very exciting, even before the scenario there is fear and trepidation. What is going to happen? Which implements will he use? How hard am I going to receive it? During the session I like to stand in front of my punisher eyes down being scolded wondering if it will end with me being spanked. I like the build-up to it, the punisher walking around me all the time, the waiting and the fear of what is going to happen. I am made to count each smack and thank my castigator at the end. And best of all I love to have my bottom stroked in-between strokes knowing that a hand can be so gentle, soothing and tender, and yet can also dish out a severe spanking.    


Why do you think you enjoy being spanked so much?

I�ve always liked being bossed around by men. I�m naturally submissive so I enjoy the idea of a strict man keeping me in line. I did have a strict upbringing so I suppose it has followed me into adult hood. I like someone guiding me and then punishing me for mistakes. Somebody older with an authoritative way about them, well groomed, I particularly like men wearing suits, as they look powerful and worldly wise. 

What is your favourite implement?

I love hands best although my favourite implement is the Birch. I was actually first birched by a woman, a girlfriend who was very experienced I immediately felt an infinity with the implement and it has remained my preferred corporal punishment sensation. I have also introduced a few people to it, as it is not often used today. I like the way it can feel very different depending on how each individual birch is made, i.e. the age and texture of the switches their length. I also love the sound of the birch, the lovely �swish� through the air and the �whoosh� as it hits my bottom. I love to be birched all over my bottom with fast continuous but light strokes. These should build up in intensity until my whole bottom is tingling and glowing. Then at the end a few hard individual strokes. Anyone who hasn�t experienced a lengthy birching doesn�t know what they are missing! I like the thought of maybe wearing Victorian split knickers with lots of petticoats which would be ceremoniously pulled up before a long birching. 

It is also part of my fantasy to have all the implements laid out in front of me, not knowing which ones are going to be used on me. Or to be ordered to fetch a certain implement and give it to my punisher. I find the gesture of the offering very exciting.

Although a female friend of my thinks I am mad, as it is her most feared and hated implement, I actually love the American style wooden paddles. I like it after a hard hand spanking as once I am warmed it can get down that bit deeper into my bottom flesh. I have to be well warmed to take it and need a space in-between each stroke to let the after-sting sink-in and drift away before the next stroke.  

 What is your favourite position?

Over the knee spanking is my favourite position, being pulled down over the knees and then having my panties slowly pulled down. Being over someone�s lap is humiliating and exciting also makes you feel very exposed. I also like love to be in front of a mirror it adds to the humiliation and to be able to watch the disciplinarians face and to see myself over their knee � to see the entire picture in the reflection.  Also the punisher has such a view of my intimate parts. I think a really good hand spanking starts with light pats building up, warming the whole area of my bottom gradually.  

I like to be placed in to different positions and to be told to stay in certain positions, standing in the corner hands on head maybe skirt tucked into the waistband. My bottom being surveyed by my punisher, knowing �he� is looking at my red-hot bottom it is belittling but I find the process pretty exciting. 

Is there anything you don�t enjoy or wouldn�t do?

Well I don�t like having the backs of my legs smacked, as it stings too much. I find the cane a little too intense though after a very thorough punishment I will take a few strokes. For heavy punishments, as I have said, I prefer the birch. I have been caned by one or two people who were not very competent which means you can�t relax because after every two or three strokes you know there will be a miss hit � who knows where? 

I hate the punishment to start off too hard rather than them building up to something more intense. Also during a hand spanking if someone is really excessive it just feels like my bottom is being punched, jarring my hips and making the whole thing unpleasant. 

I don�t mind being coaxed into being punished and feeling like I have no option but in a safe way. This is why I like to use a safe-word which is used to end the punishment if it is �really� too much. This makes me feel safe and able to let go and enjoy the punishment. Once I have relaxed over the punishers lap and fell they both know my limits and I can trust them I can get very wet and excited just from a thorough hand spanking.                    

What are your favourite scenarios?

I love to play at being a mature schoolgirl in front of a head master. I have several uniforms I like to wear for playing. Another is to be a secretary punished by her boss for not doing her work properly. I like to wear black stockings high heels and a tight fitting skirt and white blouse. Before the punishment I like to be well-groomed and presentable one moment, then the next over someone�s lap skirt up pants down, disheveled and flustered. This process adds to my humiliation making me feel humbled and submissive.

It is not just scenarios I also like to be punished for real in everyday situations. (Spending too much or forgetting to post an important letter.) Maybe I am wearing tight trousers or tights and then spanked over the top. The stoking in-between is lovely through nylon or tight clothes. Perhaps being pushed over the arm of a sofa or over the dining room table with a cushion.

What were some of your most exciting spankings?

The most exciting spankings I have received were when I was not expecting they just occurred on the spur of the moment. Once on a train I was misbehaving in an empty carriage in between stations I was give an immediate hand spanking by my male companion. Its suddenness was exhilarating but what was thrilling knew we were about to enter a busy station and that people would almost certainly enter the carriage � would anybody see? I was pulled up just in the �nick of time� and then had to sit there flustered with a roasting sore bottom. - no one knowing of my earlier predicament.

I was also once punished in public in a department store, this time there were a few people around who were very surprised. I was pushed over one of the counters and given a few hard slaps over my clothes. It was exciting and humiliating. I certainly won�t forget the look on one of the sales assistant�s face!

Once after a very severe spanking I was sent out to the shops wearing only a very short skirt and no underwear. I was walking around the shops with my bottom really glowing I could feel the heat through the skirt, which was truly exciting.


I�m quite enjoying all this talking about being spanked the only problem is now I�ll have to go off and find someone to turn it in to a reality!

Nina B xx

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