So fill me in on what you have been up to!

 I wouldn't know were to start. I have met some really wonderful people, had some fabulous role-play scenarios with some great Doms, Subs and Switches and have had a fantastic time the last few years.  

Sounds great have you had much time for films?  

 I've just released 'My Fantasies Volume 4  'Heading for Trouble' an Academy/Switch  film where my bottom ends up very sore indeed. (Details are on my films page) also I have been in a number of films for The English Dungeon. Including Office Junior where myself and Mistress Sidonia get to torment tease and punish a submissive man. I really enjoyed the filming and got to give him a really hard caning. I was also in 'Advantage Miss Birch' and 'The First Wives Club' amongst others. I am keen to be in some more films as a DOM if the script excites me. I have had also had some very sweet willing girls over my knee in the last few years which I have enjoyed immensely!!

Yes! your 'Bottoms I have Dealt With'  gallery is quite something. Is taking the dominant role a recent interest of yours?

I seem to have progressed down certain avenues of CP and you would be right in assuming that I enjoy dishing out a firm accurate caning.  What I really love is if the other person is having their boundary touched on, and stretched a little. But not every time, sometimes you need to bring down the intensity occasionally as well. Communication is very important also I am a very good judge, and watch reactions very closely. Sometimes the individual is a little under the weather or there is some other problem.  These things can all affect their state of mind and therefore their threshold.


So do you only like to dish out heavy punishments?

Yes, I know some of the punished bottoms on my 'Bottoms I have Dealt With' page are very marked and can look quite scary however, if you look through some are just pretty red. I can give out a thorough punishment and make the bottom flaming red and it would be gone in an hour or so with no permanent marks.  I just need to get to know the individuals skin. Also a play session can be mostly role-play and teasing for the CP nervous! For some people just the look of me striding about swishing the cane through the air is all that is needed to set the mind racing and a mild session is all that is required.

 Does this mean 'Naughty Nina' is going Dom for good?

No! not at all I am a genuine switch and I love it from both sides. I get 'twitchy' if I go a few days without a spanking. If I meet someone who is obviously submissive I feel empowered and my dominant side naturally emerges. Likewise a confident dominant man makes me feel like draping myself across his lap eagerly and having my bottom warmed. I'm also enjoying receiving CP laying flat with cushions under me so my bottom is presented nice and high I love to watch this in a mirror. Also the pleasures of being spanked through tights! There's nothing like having your bottom stroked through the sheer silky nylon!

Has anything else changed for you in regards to CP

Yes! a bit implement wise on me I have recently been enjoying the 'strop'  it was used historically to sharpen a cut throat razor. It's a long leather strap which is best used across both cheeks at the same time. I have a wonderful one of which it's pretty worn in as you can imagine (laughs).  Hand spanking as always is a favorite for me, and of course, I couldn't be without the 'birch'.  I have recently had four new ones made. I bought a selection of long thin canes of various widths and then had them bound together beautifully with kangaroo hide. It's great to have quality implements to play with. Incidentally I am quite partial to a FRESH birch if anyone is interested You just need to make sure you take off all the nodules so the twigs are nice and smooth! A fresh Birch makes a fantastic SWISHING noise as it travels through the air. Anything between 4 to 15 flexible twigs is great, all around the same length as the average cane. For quickness these can be bound together very tightly one end with thick strong tape to secure the twigs and make it comfortable to hold. March/April  is the best time to make a birch. There are lots of fresh smooth shoots everywhere although as I said before you can collect them later in the year and patiently take off the nodules. For me the waiting is very much worth it. I traveled 3000 miles around France a while ago and spent some time fooling around in the woods collecting shoots from lots of different trees and shrubs. I brought them all back wrapped in plastic and over the following weeks secured them into Birches and had a whale of a time....    

Role-plays and costumes have your preferences changed? 

From a Dom point of view 'lady boss' seems to be my favorite at the moment, a nice short skirt so I can tease the male employees with glimpses of my stocking tops. Also lady of the manor, the troublesome butler has to put up with my dissatisfaction and my tendencies to take it out on his bottom. 

  From the Submissive side adult schoolgirl is always fun also secretary is great since the film came out this has grown in popularity and set off all sorts of ideas in the mind. When I travel around London and see all the smartly dressed office girls I wonder how many of them wear stockings and have a strict sexy boss!  

 I have recently bought some beautiful 1950's style underwear and sheer seamed stockings from What Katie Did (see my links).  This feels fantastic under a 'Headmistress' or 'Lady Birch' outfit or just on it's own with court stilettos and long leather gloves.  I have been made a present of a lovely new mortar board and gown from a generous friend. I'm also looking around for a cute French maid's outfit

Any other New Interests?  

I adore my feet and legs being worshipped, I love hosiery have a wonderful shoe collection and I always have my toenails painted. I have visited Cologne and played with some German gentleman which was great fun. I have also had a lot of invites to visit the USA but have not arranged anything yet who knows.....

Well you seem to have an interesting life who knows what you will be up to for the next few years!

Whatever I'm doing you can rely on it being pretty naughty (Laughs)

                                                                                                 Nina B   xx