He was late and hurried along the platform the train was quite full and ready to depart he climbed onboard and spotted a vacant seat he sat down and found himself sitting opposite a very attractive young woman. He guessed she was in her 30s and she was smartly dressed in a dark tailored suit with a tight pencil skirt. He noticed that she was wearing black patent leather high heel court shoes. She had long blond hair that flowed in a golden wave over her shoulders and beneath her fringe he could see that she had big blue eyes that sparkled like the ocean. A man could drown in those eyes and die with a smile on his face he thought.

Just then she crossed her legs affording him a view of her shapely thighs encased in sheer black nylon. He wondered if she was wearing stockings, oh God he hoped so!!!

If he just moved his head a little to the side perhaps he could just see a little further up her skirt. As he did so she shot him an icy stare that would have frozen the Sahara Desert and rather pointedly pulled the hem of her skirt down. He had been caught and he settled back rather sheepishly in his seat feeling like a naughty schoolboy.

The train pulled away from the platform he gazed out of the window and as the rows of houses made way for open fields he drifted of into his favorite fantasy.

He was standing outside the headmistress�s study. He was dressed in white shirt and school tie; very short and rather tight grey shorts, long grey socks and black lace up shoes. The outfit was completed with a navy blue school blazer. He checked his uniform and rubbed the front his shoes on the back of his calves to shine them a little more. The headmistress was a stickler for detail and he did not want to earn extra punishment he was in enough trouble already. He felt his heart beat a little faster as he knocked nervously on the study door. There was a pause then he heard her voice "Enter"

He opened the door and stepped into the headmistress�s study .He closed the door behind him. He was in her world now a world where "Miss" was in charge and he did exactly as he was told. He had been there many times before and new exactly where to stand he took up position facing the large leather topped oak desk that stood in the corner of the room hands clasped in front of him and head slightly bowed. The desktop was empty apart from a long cook handled punishment cane that was staring ominously up at him. It was longer, darker in colour and a little thicker than her other canes and he instantly recognised it as the "Senior Boys Cane". He was no stranger to this cane and new from bitter experience that it imparted a real sting when expertly applied to a naughty boys bottom.

"Look at me boy" she instructed him .She was sitting behind her desk leaning back in her comfortable leather chair. She was wearing a formal scholastic cap and gown worn over a tight white blouse, which emphasised her pert breasts .She, was wearing a tight black skirt, black stockings and black high-healed shoes. She was of course the Woman on the train his perfect fantasy Headmistress. She gave him a look that filled him with fear " It has been brought to my attention that you have been a very disruptive influence in class today. It would seem that my previous efforts to improve your behavior have been in vain. Did the caning I gave you last month have no affect on your attitude? It would appear not. As you will soon discover I do not accept defeat .You will be severely caned as you are aware the maximum number is usually six but due to your continued failure to behave yourself I am going to administer 12 strokes.12 very hard strokes I might ad" He gazed into those beautiful blue eyes looking for some sign of compassion but could only see a steely determination. He knew that it was useless to plead or argue with her and resigned himself to his fate.

She picked up the cane and moved around the desk. She flexed the cane in her hands bending it into an arc in front of him and letting it spring back into place although quite thick it was still very flexible. She swished it loudly through the air. He took a deep breath it looked like she was in good form today and a little shiver ran down his spine.

She pointed with the cane to a chair in the corner of the room." Take your blazer off fold it neatly and place it on that chair" He moved over to the chair took his blazer off and placed it on the chair before resuming his position in front of the desk. She tapped the cane against his bottom." Pull your shorts and pants down and bend over my desk. You know that I always cane on the bare bottom "His trembling fingers undid his shorts and he let them fall to the ground .He then took hold of the waistband of his white pants and pulled them down to his knees. He took a step forward and bent across the large oak desk grasping hold of the far edge .His bare bottom sticking out invitingly for "Miss" to administer a good thrashing.

She moved behind him and pushed his shirt a little further up his back making sure that it was out of the way of the "target area". She took a pace back and tapped the cane against the centre of his naked bottom measuring her distance." You know the rules. You will not yell out or move from your position at any time. You will count each stroke out clearly. At the end you will thank me for your punishment. If you fail to do this then the stroke will not count and will be given again. Is that clear boy! "Yes Miss" he replied." Very well then we will begin" Once again he felt the cane tap the centre of his bare vulnerable cheeks." Stick it out boy!!!" she admonished him and he managed to push his bottom out a little more for her.

He sensed her draw the cane back high in the air before bringing it down with all her force and considerable skill "Thwack!!" it landed dead centre across his trembling cheeks. For a split second he felt nothing then a wave of pain exploded through him. He wanted to yell out but knew that she had forbade him this luxury. The only sound that escaped his lips was "One Miss! She waited a few seconds for the stroke to sink in before delivering the next stroke "Thwack!!" There was a sharp intake of breath from him and his grip on the desk edge tightened "Two Miss " he exclaimed. Christ!! she was certainly laying them on hard today.

The next two strokes were delivered with equal venom but so far with a great effort of willpower he had managed to remain in position. She surveyed her handwork four perfectly parallel red weal�s decorated his bare bottom cheeks a testament to her considerable skill and accuracy. He had taken them well so far but she was determined that he was really going to suffer today. She smiled a cruel little smile to herself and measured up the next stroke. The first four strokes had been aimed at the fullest part of his bottom but the fifth stroke was aimed much lower just at the crease where bottom meets thigh. She raised the cane high in the air and brought it down hard "Thwack" it bit into that most tender of spots. He tried to ride the stroke but the pain was so intense that he could not help himself he shot upwards clutching his burning bottom and yelling in pain.

"Back over the desk this instant young man!" she scolded him "That stroke will not count" As she watched the raised weal form she knew that he would really feel that every time that he sat down for the next few days. As he reluctantly resumed his position across the desk top she was prepared to show no compassion and delivered the next stroke in exactly the same place followed by number six a fraction higher.

Six of her very best had been delivered plus the extra stroke and a very chastened naughty schoolboy was bent across the headmistress�s desk with his shorts and pants pulled down and his bare bottom decorated with a set of neat red stripes.

He heard her say "Six more to come". Could he take another six .We will never know for at that moment the train jerked to an abrupt stop. He was quickly brought back to reality and it was with some disappointment that he realised that it was her stop and he watched her get up and leave the train.

As he watched her well-rounded bottom tightly encased in that black skirt sway down the corridor he realised two things. Firstly that would probably never see her again and secondly that he was in a first class carriage and that the ticket inspector was making his way towards him!!!!!

However several weeks later when he was surfing the Internet he came across a certain site cp site. It was with some amazement that he recognised her. There she was again his perfect fantasy headmistress. He wasted no time in getting an email off to her "Dear Miss Birch, 

                                                          I have been a very Naughty boy...............

  I climbed out of the shower, turned the shower off and began to towel myself dry as quickly as I could. It had been a good day I hadn�t done anything much just relaxing and watching a bit of television. She had been working upstairs in her study all afternoon and I was just sitting there on the sofa watching the football when she came downstairs with her best friend Linda. They were like two peas from the same pod. Not too tall, although the high heels that they were wearing made them look considerably taller, slim but nicely curvy, they both had long blonde shoulder length hair and were wearing tight black skirts and white blouses. They could have been twins the only difference was she was perfect. She thought that her boobs were too small and her bum was too big but she was just perfect. The kind of woman that could look good in a sloppy jumper and sweat pants and in fact often did.

As I say I was sitting there watching the football and minding my own business when she started on at me the way that women do, you know the sort of thing. What had I been doing all day? Why hadn�t I tidied-up, why was the remains of my lunch on the floor? Why hadn�t I put the washing on like she had asked me to do? I could tell that she wasn�t happy. She ended with "I will teach you to sit around watching football all day, Go upstairs get showered and be back down here in 5 minutes and don�t bother putting any clothes on you won't need them Now go!!!" That was not strictly true

I hadn�t been watching football all day I had briefly flicked over to the DIY channel and was actually thinking of doing some DIY sometime in the next couple of years I was going to say something but now was not the right time.

So there I was in the bathroom pondering my fate when I heard her call out to me "10 seconds left!!" I dropped the towel and ran back to the lounge completely naked. She had tidied up and both girls were sitting down on the sofa. She pointed to a spot in front of the sofa where I was to stand.  Linda had seen me naked before but it was not a situation I was comfortable with, as you can appreciate, and I tried as best I could to cover myself with my hands. She was having none of it "Hands on your head" she commanded and reluctantly I placed my hands on the top of my head as ordered. Linda looked at me and with a smile on her face made a gesture with her little finger that indicated that she was not too impressed with the size of my manhood and both girls laughed at the joke.

Now come on Ladies that�s just being plain mean it is rather cold in here and I will have you know that I am quite comfortable with being Mr. Average Size. I was going to say something but now was not the right time. She stood up and placed a hard backed chair in the centre of the room she sat down and patting her lap told me" Get yourself across my knee" I gently lowered myself over her lap and eased myself into the required position it was not a position that I was unfamiliar with!!!

She raised her hand and began to spank my bare bottom. The thing about a bare bottom spanking is that it seems ok at first and you think this is not too bad, you can take this ok but as she smacks you harder and harder it begins to sting more and more and the fire in your bum gets hotter and hotter until you are wriggling around over her lap but she holds you down firmly in position .She is a very determined young woman and there is no escape. Then just when you think your bottom can take no more she stops. Then she starts on the back of your thighs and let me tell you that really smarts OW! OW! OW! I yell out as she smacks away. Just when I think she is never going to stop she does. "Get up" she tells me and I stand vigorously rubbing my burning cheeks and legs. However my break is all too brief. Your turn she tells Linda and they swap positions and I find myself over Linda�s lap not for the first time either. The process is repeated and as Linda smacks away at my poor crimson rear she encourages her to "smack harder and don�t forget the backs of his legs" Thanks a lot like I really needed that .I was going to say something but now was not the time.

Eventually they tire of spanking me and she tells me to get myself upstairs and wait for me in her study in position for the cane. I leave the room and go upstairs to her study. I know exactly how she wants me and bend across the large leather topped oak desk that in the corner of the room. In this position I can see the basket in the corner where she keeps her canes. I wonder which one she will use on me today. . Judging from her mood my money was on the dragon cane!! I heard the door close as Linda left and shortly after that could hear her coming up the stairs and entering the room. She came in to my line of vision as she moved behind the desk and selected a cane. The dragon cane of course just as I knew it would be. She moved behind me and whipped the cane through the air a couple of times that certainly got my attention.

"Stick it out boy " she instructed and I managed to push my bottom out a little further for her until she was satisfied with my position. Then I felt the smooth wood on my bare cheeks as she tapped the cane against the centre of the target area. "My I think you are putting on a little weight too many puddings perhaps? She teased me "Now that was just not true. I have a great bum .I go to the gym .I workout. I do CP Films. I was going to say something but now was not the right time "12 of the best to come" she told me and they were!!! A dozen real stingers expertly administered that had me jumping about all over that desk. God she knew how to cane!!!

She put the cane down and bent down with her face close to my well thrashed bottom and admired her handywork.12 neat stripes. "Caning you has made me feel quite horny," she said as she kissed my glowing cheeks gently running the tip of her tongue along each raised weal left by the cane .God that was horrible!! I am lying of course it felt great!!

She moved around the desk and softly whispered in my ear exactly what she wanted me to do to her!! I stood up and faced her "What a dirty, bad little girl you are" I admonished her. "What happens to bad girls?" They get their bare bottoms smacked Sir." She replied. "What happens to very bad girls? I asked her? " They get their bare bottoms caned sir "she told me fixing me with those big blue eyes.

"And another thing" I continued .Now was the time!! Now was the time!!

Both Stories written by Peter Clark

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